Our Admin Team

The Admin Team at Williamsburg Academy is full of qualified, dedicated individuals committed to preparing promising students for meaningful lives as principled leaders. Their admin team is staffed with counselors and academic specialists equipped to take care of your family’s educational needs!

Liz Kirk, Executive Director

Several years ago, I met with a fascinating woman to talk about my personal mission in life. She and her husband are engaged social connectors – friends with several US Presidents, on the Academy Awards committee, active on Capitol Hill. As we sat down in my office in Washington, DC, she helped me open up to the many possibilities for my future. I thought about what I wanted to do next. The answer was so clear to me in that moment and always had been – education reform. Almost in tears, I decided right there that whatever it took, I would find a meaningful role in education. Something totally different than I had experienced in my early years teaching in the public and charter school systems. If there were none, I’d scratch something out for myself.

Within a couple of weeks, I was sitting down with Nels Jensen, James Ure, and Erin Mwanje to discuss co-founding the new Williamsburg middle school program. Creating the school was among the most difficult and rewarding projects of my life. My ideals from childhood came alive in the WL middle school program. I love working with students and writing curriculum. I love education, and am constantly working on my own! I studied English Literature in my undergraduate program and earned a master’s degree in education a few years later. I grew up in Texas and have lived in New York City, Washington DC, and most recently in San Diego. My husband and I love to travel. Last year we visited the homes of Mother Teresa and Gandhi, two of my heroes. These experiences have helped prepare me for rich discussions with my exceptional WL students in the classroom!

MaKell Tagg, Executive Assistant

I grew up in College Station, Texas and have always loved learning. I went to Brigham Young University and graduated with a degree in Graphic Design. My husband and I currently live in Northern Virginia and love it! I have a passion for creating all types of things and enjoy cooking, photography, sewing, and spending time with family and friends.

I love all the wonderful students and staff I get to work with here at Williamsburg!




Lucas Reynolds, Assistant Director

When I was a boy I dreamed of growing up and being a college football star–6’3″, 230 pounds of solid muscle. I was sure I would win the Heisman Trophy and go down in history. Then my dream changed. At age 14 I was given a choice: I could either join the high school football team or become a TA at a local private school. After a few weeks of swinging back and forth, I finally made a decision: I wanted to teach. I didn’t realize at the time how much that would shape my life. I never made it to six-feet tall or even 150 pounds, but I have enjoyed teaching youth with four different organizations in a variety of subjects: from Shakespeare to Economics. Since that day I guess I have never looked back.

Besides teaching, I have many other passions. I love running with my wife, backpacking, and playing with little kids. I also get a lot of satisfaction from taking apart machines and seeing if I can fix them. Oh yeah, and I also really enjoy making homemade Argentine food, where I lived for two years. I believe in living life to its fullest and in finding someone to help every day. In 2013 I graduated summa cum laude with a BA from Southern Virginia University in Politics and a minor in Spanish. My wife and best friend, Catherine, and I currently have no children but plan on someday having enough kids to warrant a large kitchen table. We currently live in Buena Vista, Virginia.

Shelly Jenkins, CST Team Leader

Growing up I always surrounded myself with good books. Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading to me from Dr. Seuss and The Berenstain Bears. As a teen, it was not uncommon for me to read two or three books a day! While I don’t have time to do that any longer, I do still love to curl up with a book and see what adventures I get to go on through its pages. How lucky I am to have found an opportunity to work here at Williamsburg where I get to work with amazing people, get exposed to some great books, and interact with incredible youth and their parents!

I currently reside in Northern Utah where I enjoy looking at the beautiful mountains each day. My husband and I are super busy raising and homeschooling nine super awesome kids.  There is never a dull moment in our home! In between it all, I also love running through summer rainstorms, sitting around a campfire with family and/or friends, meditating by a river, laughing with my family, and enjoying late night chats with my kids.