Our Admin Team

The Admin Team at Williamsburg Academy is full of qualified, dedicated individuals committed to preparing promising students for meaningful lives as principled leaders. Their admin team is staffed with counselors and academic specialists equipped to take care of your family’s educational needs!

Lucas Reynolds, Executive Director

As a skinny (and somewhat nerdy) twelve-year-old homeschool student, I read seventeen Shakespeare plays over the course of three months. As I read, something changed inside of me, and I discovered how much I loved grappling with challenging but meaningful literature. I began seeing Julius Caesar, Hamlet, Macbeth, Romeo & Juliet all around me. Not the actual characters, but I started seeing life lessons from these plays unfolding all around me. Since then, I have gained a deep love for education which challenges students to grapple with difficult but rewarding classics.

My passion for learning and teaching through great works led me to attend three different Liberal-arts schools (George Wythe University, Southern Virginia University, and Concordia University of Portland), gaining degrees in Politics, Spanish, and a Masters of Educational Leadership. I was thrilled in 2012 to join with like-minded educators here at Williamsburg, determined to provide high-quality liberal-arts education to students around the globe.

My wife Catherine and I live in St. George, Utah, with our three children. We enjoy exploring southern Utah’s beautiful red rocks as a family. I also enjoy reading great books, running, cycling, swimming, backpacking, and playing flag football with friends and students.

Joanna Ritter, Strategic Assistant

“Step with care and great tact, and remember that Life’s a Great Balancing Act.” This wisdom from Dr. Seuss is what I attempt to live every day. Many days I fail, but some days I also read a lot of Seuss with my 4 yr old, so Seuss’s words regularly come to mind. Words are powerful; they will continually impact my life in meaningful and inspiring ways. I graduated with a degree in words (B.A. in English) from Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, AZ. I grew up in Arizona and have traveled around and lived in different parts of the country, but my hometown, Prescott, AZ, has my heart. I currently reside in Prescott with my husband and son where we regularly enjoy hiking and camping in the cool mountains and granite rocks. In my free-time, I may also be found reading, exercising, playing board games with my family (Cribbage and Monopoly are faves), gardening, and playing piano. This year my family and I are making travel a top priority in our lives. We plan to see a different part of the world each year – looking forward to the adventures before us!

I’ve been a part of the Williamsburg team since the Fall of 2014, and I truly enjoy it more and more with each passing year. I love all aspects of our vibrant Williamsburg community, but mostly it’s the amazing students, our Burgers! They continually inspire, impress, and uplift me. What a joy and privilege it is to be a part of their learning journey.


Shelly Jenkins, CST Team Leader

Growing up I always surrounded myself with good books. Some of my earliest memories are of my mom reading to me from Dr. Seuss and The Berenstain Bears. As a teen, it was not uncommon for me to read two or three books a day! While I don’t have time to do that any longer, I do still love to curl up with a book and see what adventures I get to go on through its pages. How lucky I am to have found an opportunity to work here at Williamsburg where I get to work with amazing people, get exposed to some great books, and interact with incredible youth and their parents!

I currently reside in Northern Utah where I enjoy looking at the beautiful mountains each day. My husband and I are super busy raising and homeschooling nine super awesome kids.  There is never a dull moment in our home! In between it all, I also love running through summer rainstorms, sitting around a campfire with family and/or friends, meditating by a river, laughing with my family, and enjoying late night chats with my kids.